Information security

NHN PlayArt Corp. (hereinafter referred to as "NHN") recognizes its responsibilityas an internet content service corporation to take action for information security and to safely protect information assets.
By fulfilling this responsibility, we obtain trust from our customers and business partners, further increase the quality of our services, and ensure continued business activities by NHN.

  • Protected information assets

    Protected information assets include all personal information and information assets collected from our customers and business partners, as well as all information assets required for continued business activities by NHN. Information assets are periodically screened and ascertained, and evaluation is performed based on risk criteria defined by NHN.

  • Methods of protecting
    information assets

    In order to safely protect information assets, we define and implement required items including measures against threats such as external attacks, safe storage and thorough disposal of documents/data, appropriate management of information access authority, clean desk policy, and clear screen policy.

  • Recognition for the importance of information assets

    NHN periodically conducts education on information security in order to foster sufficient recognition among employees regarding the importance of protecting information assets.
    Moreover, we are working to achieve our company-wide goal for information security, which is “zero accidents in handling of information.”

  • Information Security Committee

    NHN has established an Information Security Committee in order to safely protect information assets. The committee is composed of representatives from each business unit.
    The committee conveys the importance of information security throughout our company, and provides guidance for taking specific action.

  • Information Security Audit

    An information security audit is held at least once per year and actions are taken for continuous improvement.

  • Compliance with laws, regulations, etc. related to information security

    NHN complies with all laws, regulations, guidelines, etc. related to information security. We fulfill our corporate social responsibility by constantly obtaining the latest information.

  • Established: October 1, 2015
    NHN PlayArt Corp.
    Ujin Chung