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PlayArt is about fun and the constant challenge to make games more entertaining.


The commitments of our top creators

Here, NHN PlayArt’s leading creators talk about what they pursue in making games that are fun to play right away.

  • Studio UP! Manager /
    Yasuyuki Kawaguchi Notable works:LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum
    "Listening power" expands the possibilities of games!more
    Aiming for long-lasting enjoyment, rather than sales From a management perspective, sales are of course vital. It would have been possible to stick all kinds of charging mechanisms into the games that everyone is enjoying now. However, that means that sales quotas and pressure are directed directly at the customer. I really didn’t want to do that. This is because we make games based on a philosophy of having people enjoy the game and then pay for it accordingly. When someone plays one of our games, it means that we are being entrusted with their time. People today are busy, and we don’t want to waste their precious time. That is why NHN PlayArt will maintain its commitment to games that are fun to play right away.
  • Art Gym Manager /
    Hajime Endo Notable works:LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum
    "Imagination" creates masterpieces that are loved!more
    Creating games that form a part of people’s life cycle What has always been important to me is to create games that can be enjoyed by a wide range of people. In fact, although my own mother is elderly now, she enjoys the games that I make, and has been playing Tsum Tsum for many years. I want to make games like this so that “playing games” becomes a part of people’s daily life cycle, even for casual users without much previous exposure to games. I want to see more and more people, both those who are older and children who are just learning to play, get to experience NHN PlayArt’s games. That’s what I think about when I design games.
  • Studio Hi-WORKS Manager /
    Haruki Murakami Notable works:Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble
    Philosophy lies in the seeds of planning that appeals to instinctmore
    Bringing joy to an
    invisible “someone”
    When I was a child, I used to write down home-made games in my notebook, and I was really happy that my friends enjoyed them. That was where it all started. Just as back then, good ideas are still born through dialogue. It’s fine to think about things on your own, but games are meant to be enjoyed by others, so we are always sharing ideas and opinions, working together to create games that make people happy and that do not rely solely on the power of IP to be interesting.
  • Studio 51 Manager /
    Tomoyuki Hayashi Notable works:#Compass: Combat Providence
    Analysis System
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    I want to give people the best ways possible to
    pass time
    I started playing games when I was little, and I have been enjoying the best of them ever since, so I have found incredibly exciting ways of passing time. Now that I am an adult, I am making games so that others can enjoy that experience. For example, there is nothing that makes me happier than to see someone in front of me on a train or in a café enjoying a game that we created on their phone I hope that games will be socially recognized as a form of culture, just as movies and music are. On the other hand, I like the underground feel of gaming because it is something I used to do secretly when I was little. Going forward, I want to keep emphasizing minimum rules and even greater freedom.