Social Media Policy

Based on the philosophy of valuing human networks and information networks, and of using rich creativity and technology to create the enjoyment, surprise, and fresh experiences provided by the aforementioned networks, NHN PlayArt Corp. (hereinafter referred to as "NHN") seeks to construct strong trusting relationships by using social media to engage in sincere dialogue with our customers.

In order to realize favorable communication with customers, NHN defines the following behavior and attitude which must be complied with when managing social media accounts and when using social media. In addition to NHN employees, this applies to all staff involved in providing NHN services (hereinafter collectively referred to as “employees”).

  • Behavior/attitude complied with by employees

    • I will not disclose personal information or confidential information from inside/outside of NHN. Moreover, I will respect third-party rights including privacy rights, copyrights, portrait rights, and trademarks, and I will comply with all related laws, regulations, and company rules.
    • I will not distribute information which slanders or defames a specific individual, group, or product. I will respect the other party and always conduct communication which considers different positions and ways of thinking.
    • I fully recognize that information on the internet can be accessed by an unspecified number of users; that once information is distributed, it is easily disseminated over a wide range and cannot be completely deleted; and that information distributed by an individual may be used to judge NHN. Accordingly, I will use great care when sending information. Furthermore, if distributed information contains a mistake, I will immediately admit that mistake and act immediately to correct the information.
    • I will not engage in stealth marketing, which involves attempting to attract attention from customers by impersonating an ordinary neutral consumer and giving evaluations which differ from actual conditions. I will strive to ensure the transparency and objectivity of distributed information.
    • I will not engage in marketing which uses fraudulent or hazardous software or technology. Furthermore, I will not cooperate with groups, organizations, or websites which promote the use of such software or technology.
  • Social media official accounts

    Social media officially operated by NHN can be confirmed on our “Official Social Media Account List” available on FacebookTwitter. Please note that we may quote posts or comments which are related to NHN and NHN services.

  • To customers who use social media

    Information distributed by our employees via social media may not represent official announcements or opinions of NHN. For official announcements and opinions, please refer to the official NHN website or to press releases.

  • Inquiries

    Please use the inquiry page to send any inquiries or opinions that you many have in regard to the NHN social media policy.

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