Game Production Style

In order to create games that are fun to play right away, we have a set of values that we hold dear.


  • STYLE 01Fun Comes First

    We make games by pursuing what we think is fun. As such, rather than sales, what we value is fun: whether our games can be enjoyed right away and for a long time.

  • STYLE 02Everyone Takes Part in Design

    Creating a fun game requires that we all talk about it until we are satisfied with the result. The quality of the game depends on each individual not only devoting themselves to their own part, but also going beyond their own area of responsibility at times.

  • STYLE 03Communicating and Listening

    Discussion requires both communicating your thoughts and trying to understand the thoughts of others. As such, we value not only the ability to produce, but also a willingness to absorb and cooperate.

  • STYLE 04Executives on the Front Lines

    One unique feature of NHN PlayArt is that the company’s executives (studio managers) also work side by side at their desks on site. Everyone is an equal player, exchanging opinions on an equal footing to create better games.

  • STYLE 05Building a “Flat” Organization of 20–30 People

    In a large-scale production system, the role played by each individual is small, like on a large ship, making it difficult to make the best use of ideas. That's why NHN PlayArt develops games with a compact team structure that makes extensive use of each person’s abilities.

  • STYLE 06Maximizing Individual Discretion without Restricting Freedom

    At NHN PlayArt, we try to ensure that everyone can think freely, express their own opinions, and take ownership of their ideas. This level of freedom and an environment conducive to discussion also help us to keep up with changes in the market.

  • STYLE 07Nurturing Creators who Think and Act Independently

    A company is born when people come together. That is why we put emphasis on independence, allowing every creator to think about the company spontaneously, as if it were their own.

  • STYLE 08Always Keeping the Door Open for Challenges

    Opportunities to take on challenges are always available, and rather than criticizing failure, we value the challenge itself. We also remember to draw on the lessons of our failures for next time.

  • STYLE 09Strong Collaboration with IP

    NHN PlayArt’s strength is its ability to take on the challenge of collaborating with existing IP. Our success with IP-based games to date has earned us the trust of many IP holder companies, and we have produced collaborations with anime and games that everyone will be familiar with.


  • STUDIO 01Studio UP!

    Studio UP!, led by Studio Manager Kawaguchi and Art Gym Gym Manager Endo, began with the development and operation of “LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum,” which has been downloaded more than 100 million times worldwide, and can be considered the genesis of NHN PlayArt.

  • STUDIO 02Studio Hi-WORKS

    Studio Hi-WORKS, led by Studio Manager Murakami, who has a unique background as a system engineer, develops and operates “Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble,” which has been downloaded a total of more than 31 million times, and “DRAGON QUEST KESHI KESHI!” which has surpassed 1 million downloads.

  • STUDIO 03Studio 51

    Studio 51, led by Studio Manager Hayashi, known to #Compass fans as “Hayashi P,” is responsible for the development and operation of #Compass: Combat Providence Analysis System, which has been downloaded more than 18 million times, as well as the rhythm game #Compass Live Arena.